Friday, February 08, 2013

Budding Conservationist

My son, and likely my daughter are budding conservationists.  Of course they hear the tone in my voice when I talk about our world, our environment. I can't deny my Wildlife Biology degree is part of who I am.  I always took those classes and information seriously.

G-man kids watches videos about the environment with rapt attention and gasps when he sees a picture of the Aurora Borealis.  He gets so mad when he sees garbage and waste.  He saw a story about eating sea turtle eggs and commented how "stupid" it was... in a conservationist sort of way.  I love his disgust and awareness.  I look forward to many more conversations with him about polar ice caps and solar power and endangered species and stewardship.

I'm just saying, he really is starting to get it... maybe I say that because I felt him begin to feel overwhelmed when global warming started to sink in while watching a public television special about conservation and human driven change.  Maybe his passion will take us some where amazing.

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