Monday, February 28, 2011

More HS (home schooling) adventures, Visitors and Family time, January and February.

Here our good Friends the "Bulldingers" visit us from Raleigh, NC. And our Other Friends, also homeschooling, Ella and Issac who came over for a relaxed craft date. What fun it turned out to be, and I hear over a month later Ella and Grady's Crown are still with us. We also took a quick peek at the difference between "crown" and "crayon".
Is this tangegrams? Can't remember what the heck it is called but Grady was solving them himself from the lesser of clues, the final images.
We just past Presidents Day and so I have tried to tie together some of the lesson to patriotic and early America themes. We read "The Impossible Patriotism Project" by Skeers and Hoyt.
The book was really quite impressive I thought and makes a very big point about "Patriotism". We endeavored to do this simple craft project to rally our themes together. the Craft however doesn't do the book justice.
Add this to the many uses of old toilet paper rolls, and unused twin sheets. I hope everybody has a simple craft box with scissors, construction paper, glue, crayons, markers, felt (flame in the torch), pompoms and pipe cleaners.
Some times you just gotta slow down, and clean out the Garage. Sooo many nice weekends were lost in February because each of us had been tremendously sick. Cora with Flu and 105.5 fever and ear infection, Mark with Flu and Bronchitus, Grady with FLU flu (coughing fits so bad he needed nebulizer attention) and fevers over 104. Grady get the award for sickest the longest and scariest, Cora with a close second... maybe tied with Mark... and I get the procrastinators award for comming down with strep a week after I finished Tamiflu.
NOw that the kids are well time to get there systems up to snuff... eh hem... but not this fast. There is this fun hill at Wannamaker Park and ever since the removed the slide the children had been skidding on bottoms and bellies in the dirt left behind. It is hard to stop them. Grady had a healthy nap after... would you believe he had "cleaned himself up" with 4 or five wet wipes before he passed out.
I believe Grady snapped this not too shabby shot, I'm sure its pretty accurate.
Face paint will run if you drool when you nap.. and really get everywhere if you wipe your face in your sleep.
And thank you heartily to Rob and Susan or Rivers Reach. We don't know if we have a girly girl but every girl ought to have the chance to be... pretty and a little mommy. Cora adores the set and has helped her room become even more her very own.
BTW Cora easily has over thirty words after she began a late January word explosion and we are back on the EC and potty training wagon with some recent success. Skipping the TMI part of that, but excited she's not adverse to the big potty anymore.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Chinese Acrobats

After the Chinese acrobats last week we enjoyed sometime at the park under the Bridge with friends. On the following Sunday we attended a birthday Party at the Aquarium. I suspected Grady might be getting something... and he definitely was. Some kind of horrible Cold/Croup has its iron grip on the household this week.