Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Trip and Announcements

Pictures from March trip, 4 weeks in MD and PA While we were between homes in the south.

Pony lessons with Mady. G got to ride Annie and later Kala. He loved it and I often suggest he remember the details of being with a horse as a way to relax and fall asleep.

Pictures, long time comming. We finaly got the camera downloaded on to disks... and the photos go all the way back to November. So give me a few days and I will slowly innundate you with pictures.

Also, we had ultrasound today. We both couldn't close our eyes when he said he was going to determine gender... and we were pretty sure we knew what he saw but I kept asking, "so that notation says what I think it says, ummm... how accurate are these predictions anyway?". He said "start buying pink stuff". Wow... feels weird cheating on your own principles like that, but I glad to be affirmed in what Mark and I were both pretty sure of. We figure we are going to keep the name, when we figure that out, a secret until the birthday.