Monday, June 30, 2008

Pause to Laugh

I laughed so hard I cried.

Please read this little blog and then enjoy the video at the end LOL.

:-) Is it wrong for mothers to breastfeed school-age children?.

Creepy Crawly

Hey all! I wanted to let you know Gs fire ant luck still isn't very good. A few days ago he walked right on top of the biggest mound in our yard, the one I've always warned him about. Telling him he was in danger didn't help. He froze right on top of it. We had treated the mound so I wasn't sure of an emergency. Well anyway I grabbed him and he looked ant free, but one got in his shoe and he got 4 MORE bites. I looked back over at the mound and it was swarming so we were very lucky.

G does not like anything that causes a Bug sensation. He now often insists there is a bug on him when there isn't. I have been trying to talk to him about how dirt can get in your shoe and sometimes our skin tickles like a bug is on it. He gets that creepy crawly feeling in the kitchen and quite understandably wants me to help get the "bugs" off.

"Mommy Bug! Bug!" Very sad.

We are working on treating the mounds, and we finally found the semi-hidden one that got him that first really awful time.

Very recently, a few nights ago G slept for 8 hours straight which I believe might be like the fifth time in his whole life. I actually slept as well which was wonderful. Unfortunately this didn't hearken in a new era of sleep. Though I had hope, I have learned better over the last 22 months.

Now G is ready to be needily autonomous, and Mom and Dad must do as he asks "Now!" (He learned that from a book I think, maybe from us too.) It has been a lovely weekend. I'm pulling out the parenting books and scratching my head, but this is the way I understand it: All new parents believe this will not happen to them, that superior parenting and communications will head off all explosions. Well I was one of those who knew I was kidding myself. Now I am wiser and I know just how out of control angry even my child can get. Now I suppose is a good time to stay calm and hang in there. G wants independence in ways he really isn't ready for. Forecast: Storms ahead.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stinking Fire Ants!

So a few days after the fire ants got his ankles they got his wrist... here is what 62 fire ant bites look like in their prime!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Freaking Fire Ants!!!

Each welt you see can contain more than one bite. For example on his foot I found inside one welt 6 different bites!
I gave him Ibuprophen for the discomfort and swelling. (we don't have benedryl on hand).
I have counted a total of 42-43 bites so far!