Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Fathers Day in Charleston. Mark and Nate with A and G (holding hands, super cute)
G petting and Alligator at the Aquarium.

Mark mentioned he wanted to learn crochet... so we set him up and he put a row in on baby's blanket.

Friday, June 19, 2009


G is very happy with Gymboree classes. He hasn't specifically made any new buddies but I definately saw two different little girls take to him this last class. I can see how his enthusiasum is a bit absorbing... even other mothers watch him and smile. Oh, the things to come...
G really seems to want a hula hoop... and kept trying it out with this green ring.

Dive right in... Jump off, over, run... bounce, throw yourself down..... you get the idea. Oh, and sing "twinkle twinkle" better than any other kid. Bragging? Maybe...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Town

At the SC Aquarium
at a random birthday Picnic
On Folly Beach.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making Adjustment

Hello! We have continued to chip away at our house projects and by shear luck I have aquired a really great new dresser for G. I happened to see the craiglist post first... saw the piece first... and snatched it up. Pictures to come I think. From the moment I agreed to the purchase G has talked about his new white furniture. I called someone on the cell phone shortly after we left the ladies home and he was saying "Mom tell them about my new, my new, my new white, my new white furniture, my my my dresser!"

Now his old dresser, with a changing table on top is freed up for the little tiny summer dresses I just picked up at Once Upon A Child.

G has tons of energy these days. He's full of conversation, ideas, imaginary ball games we must play, and opinions. He runs up at random grabs my stomach and says thing like "I love sister" and "put your head down sister"(my request), and "shes kicking shes kicking (whether she is or not).

Tonight G had a ton of extra energy so I pulled my new trick out of my hat... "hey get the Yoga cards and have your daddy help you". A deck of ilustrated yoga positions that definately did the trick for G's Daddy. I feel really good about it because it is another sign we haven't turned our TV on all DAY!

I try to be anti-TV and I've had my moments... but we have cable and I get really tired. My most recent cure for TV use has come in the form of the DRAG ME TO HELL trailers that network after network has shown... even twice in one commercial break while our whole family was watching the Stanley Cup finals. Enough already, ya know. Mark and I just looked at eachother one night... and that was it. Maybe I can get us out from under the cable bill for a while. The only bright spot is the public TV, full of educatonal kids shows until 5pm or so... this does come in handy when I have been laid up with contractions or back pain.G with Mark, and Me with a 31 week belly heading to another new restaurant.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Don't slap a cactus

G has now learned that getting splinters of glass in your foot is a lot like slapping a cactus. Oh the information available to us in a weeks time.

No really, he slapped a cactus 'cause I told him not to, a prickly pear.