Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here is GMan enjoying Ami's Birthday Party at Gymboree before it had even started. He was running and running and he turns purple just like his mom.
Miss CBird tried her first bite of apple recently and found it to be yummy. However I gave her a taste of Peas last night and she threw up (yuk!). I think I will go back to steering clear of baby food for now, except for the occasional apple in the Munchie, for teething soothing.
Here is Jim, the kids second cousin once removed, Gabriel. Cute watching him hold CBird like she would either shatter or burst into flames. Jim was great with both though, very cool with GMan.
Cute daddy and daughter picture I had to share!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Religious Lessons

Ummm... started taking GMan to the "Cathedral of Praise" church. When I picked him up from sunday school he held up this sign and yelled "love God" at me. When Mark came home from his Buddist Group, I openned the door and GManstood at the storm door with his sign and yelled "Love God" at his dad about 4 times. Anyway, we'll being checking out the Uniterian Church soon.Here is a cute big brother, little sister picture.


Trip to Cincinnati.Top is Judy with CBird, they are 1st cousins and Below is CBird with Aunt Angie, C. Tim and Judy with Ed, Granda Bev and Frank in the background.
Cora Borealis...
Aunt Sue (to the kids)...
and Uncle Bob meeting his neice.

Our Holiday In Brief

Our Christmas Season in 5 pictures. Next year I'll have to remember to get a few pictures of Solstice evening.

How come tree pictures never look good?
This cookie recipie was perfect. Worked just like playdough, no icing to fuss with. We never took a picture of our Gingerbread house, whoops again.

Our camera died just as present openning began. Once we got over to Erics house all the kids had a blast, except maybe Cora.