Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fickle Halloween!

Cora: "I wanna be a storm trooper"
Me: "Like Grady?"
Cora: "just like Grady, I wanna be like Grady , be a Storm Trooper"


Me: "You wanna be a storm Trooper, like this, here I have some things to make that..."
Cora: "NO"
Me: "No?"
Grady: "Cora wants to be a storm Trooper"
Cora: " No Grady, I wanna be a Flower!"


Me:"Here Cora I have something to make you a flower cost"
Cora: "NO! I don't wanna be a Flower!"
Me: "We are running out of time what to you want to be?
Cora: "I don't want to dress up!" (or Cut pumpkin, etc)


Cora: "I wanna be a storm Trooper!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is Tenn Hundred

G: Mom what is ten hundred and ten hundred
Me: Well actually honey ten hundred would be one thousand. 1,000 plus 1,000 is two thousand...

*short while later*

Grady: ... and 4,000 plus 4,000 is 8,000
Me: Yes Grady
Grady: So what is 8,000 plus 8,000
Cora: Its numbers!
Grady: No Cora!
Cora: It's numbers Grady!
Grady: CORA!
Me: Yes Cora it is numbers... Grady it is 16,000

Monday, October 24, 2011


G: Look at me mom!
me:(Thank God!!!)
G: I can swing my self!
me: Look at you, bet that feels Great. (thank God!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Look back...
In The Penguin Hat.
Here are videos of both kids when they were each six months old. Actually they are only about 1 week apart in age in these videos.