Friday, March 21, 2014

"Let's go see snow!"

Spontaneous trip to Maryland to see a big snowfall.  We were very excited.  I couldn't wait for my sister to help me get my kids sledding.  Unfortunately on the last day of the visit , on the last run down the hill, the kids were holding hands when they went over an unplanned ice bump, caught major air and ended up in extreme pain.  C-Birds face and shoulder, G-mans arm.  He stood up and said "It's broken, my arm is broken."  Didn't question that and ended up in the ER.
First they didn't xray . then they did and said 2-3 weeks, sent us home.

With an $80 splint.
Because in fact it was broken. Buckle Fracture of the Ulna.

She smacked the ground  with her face and shoulder.

Then they said this was a 6 week injury.  

Changing the cast...

 Textbook perfect.

Unfortunately a new cast had to go on for 3 more weeks.

Tree weeks with a crappy cast is about 20 days too long...

This is where the doctor said... three more weeks of caution.  It is a nine week injury. Yikes!

Co op and Lego League

green belting ceremomy

 Fun while it lasted.  G's team made a house that could be raised by pulley out of a tsunami style flood.