Monday, February 23, 2009

Moving and Shifting

So much to say... G and I have been on the road a week now. Sorry still no pictures, I'm still taking them.

Our house is under contract, we are working through the usual little details. G had a fine week playing with Isa, Odin, Chloe, Ta-ran and TyTy.

OH and I can't forget to mention that this last Saturday While Mark and I went looking at houses, G hung out at Eric's house for 7 hours. I was so amazed and so sad and it was really weird. That is the longest I've ever been away from him! And to top it off he was totally fine, barely said hello when we returned. He was pretty relieved that he didn't have to go look at more "stinky" houses.

About a hour after we had come back G quietly said to me from across the kitchen, mom I'm glad you are back.

Also The baby has started kicking and moving pretty regularly which is a little weird but cool. SO MUCH going on... I'm showing a bit now instead of just looking fat.