Monday, November 15, 2010

Grandma Judy

Grandma Judy came to visit us. She is fairing very well for 100 and 1/2 yrs old.


Though these pictures were taken after the hard work of trick-or-treating I think It captures the effort of the holiday well, even if it misses the anticipation. Grady carved his pumpkin the white one all by himself. Cora ate candy in the bike trailer before I got home and then was sick for a week... but I couldn't have pried it out of her grasp anyway.

Monday, November 01, 2010


G-man mentioned he wanted a dog again. :-(

I just don't know if we are ready for it. I'm hoping I can delay a while. There has been a hording rescue near here involving 31 living disheveled dogs and 10 dead ones. Hound mixes. I just don't know what to think but Grady pointed to a picture of a hound the other day and said it reminded him he wanted one.

Grady was Elmo for Halloween, and I dressed Cora as a Doctor/Surgeon. Cora LOVED Trick or Treating, and ate a Kit Kat through the wrapper while in the bike trailer before I could confiscate some things and inspect anything. As far as her candy collecting went, she was in awe and possessive from the first little packages put in her bucket. I had to take her because Big Brother is into it. Luckily she sat a good bit of it out while sucking on wrappers.

Today both kids are running fevers and Cora has a sick tummy. UGH.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turn on "Night on Bald Mountain".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Photos from our Cell Phones.
Some are really ooolllddd, but some cool memories were caught.
The challenge is definitely creating some chronological order...
Sweet G napping around 13 mo in 2007

Favorite G moment during late 2007, just before our move to Ga

Much later on, a moment when he was three, 2009

Lindsey was in Charleston, we took these near the Battery

Summer 2009, Prego with Cbird

Visiting Ben in MD, 2009

While in MD, 2009 took a Metro Ride to the Zoo I believe

Car ride pic probably from early 2008

Same March 2009 trip in MD, Post zoo Puzzle at Lady's house

Savannah during our last months, say Late 2008, free boat tour on River St

Halloween 2007, Ga Apartment, Snowman

Don't recognize where or when, but doesn't G look adorable! This is from Marks Cell phone.

During our first summer in Charleston,2009, we would go to Isle of Palms then have Five Guys after.

Late Summer 2009, marveling at how large CBird made me.

Sight for sore eye, and bottom, she finally made it, here is the first picture we sent out by phone back in 2009

We got back into our Hippie grove carrying kids, Gwas not to be denied, especially after a long day at River Front Park, 2009

Daniel Island, near the pirate park, Nursing in "Public"

She want to be like big brother and quickly grasped the joy of kid shopping cart rides in early 2010

One year old wearing a new outfit from her Brother Eric

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Anoles in the window. Grady has two, TWO, Anoles living in and around his bedroom window. They are able to get between the glass and the screen. Right as I type I hear him explaining the house rules to them. He says that if they are friends they can both live there. My hunch is they are more than "friends", he he. We are able to crack the window for fresh air and they seem to stay outside. Kinda cool. Sounds like a morning lesson in the works.

BTW Grady is learning about simple devices, precipitation and displacement... no joke.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Batter and Bicycles

Recentness... I guess we cook a lot. Been riding bikes and enjoying Nutella.Bike trailer is getting a workout lately.

And Cora discovered howto destroy a cassette tape... remember how fun that was the first time?

Monday, September 27, 2010


The other day GMan asked me for a dog. I think my heart started to whimper. I thought about Christmas, I thought about CBird's age. I think we will wait a bit longer if he doesn't ask too often. It is something we want as a family but the cost is prohibitive right now unfortunately... and I'm cleaning up enough poo and pee right now. Maybe, Maybe if a rescue situation made the right older dog available at the right moment...

CBird has seven teeth, and has a terrible time falling asleep so we are making some extra efforts to create a sleeping routine for her. Her sleep has improved a lot with the use of a white noise machine, the Homedics clock/radio. Thunderstorm seems to be our favorite. (She sleeps with me.)

GMan just made his first own sandwich, all by himself... a Nutella treat. Home schooling is progressing despite losing our second copy of the preschool guide book. Presidents, Civil War, bean sprouts, Collage, separating and counting Coins, writing practice and primer math. Feeling very productive.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fullfilling Life

On days I think my kids do not have a full enough life.. rather than badger myself I really ought to look at the pictures we are taking... this is all in the last few weeks.Story time with Grandpa Gary on Skype and Cora the fearless tooth brusher (will not give up a toothbrush easily).
Igloo tent was given to us and is now a favorite hide out and camping site.
Vicki and Ed visited from Cincinnati and brought along their sweet doggies Shelbie and Grace
Cora looking fab in Taran's fedora during one of our recent visits on River Reach
Grady misses having dogs in the house don't you think?
And Barber Mom is always open for appointments. Grady decided to try super short.
Cincinnati zoo, need I say more Grady and Cora had a great time. Cora really perked up when she saw a Macaw.
Elephants are awesome - the little pumpkin agrees...
Lastly a little coastal time in with Aunt Lindsey...

Monday, September 20, 2010

C-Bird's First Birthday Party

All mommy's favorite colors in one bundle of ribbons, fabulous! And it matched the plates!
Our Favorite MD and Friend came by and wish our girl a Happy happy. Singing over the cake almost became too much but mommy reassured the quickly proud Cora.
All the hard work to prepare the food was sooo well worth it. We got to enjoy the leftovers.
Was really wonderful to have so many come and see us on this special day, including our Good Friends from Savannah Carmen, Scott, Isa and Maya
Cora partied so hard and would not take a nap, or be nursed to sleep at all, but dang it the cheesey puffs finally did the trick.