Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Photos from our Cell Phones.
Some are really ooolllddd, but some cool memories were caught.
The challenge is definitely creating some chronological order...
Sweet G napping around 13 mo in 2007

Favorite G moment during late 2007, just before our move to Ga

Much later on, a moment when he was three, 2009

Lindsey was in Charleston, we took these near the Battery

Summer 2009, Prego with Cbird

Visiting Ben in MD, 2009

While in MD, 2009 took a Metro Ride to the Zoo I believe

Car ride pic probably from early 2008

Same March 2009 trip in MD, Post zoo Puzzle at Lady's house

Savannah during our last months, say Late 2008, free boat tour on River St

Halloween 2007, Ga Apartment, Snowman

Don't recognize where or when, but doesn't G look adorable! This is from Marks Cell phone.

During our first summer in Charleston,2009, we would go to Isle of Palms then have Five Guys after.

Late Summer 2009, marveling at how large CBird made me.

Sight for sore eye, and bottom, she finally made it, here is the first picture we sent out by phone back in 2009

We got back into our Hippie grove carrying kids, Gwas not to be denied, especially after a long day at River Front Park, 2009

Daniel Island, near the pirate park, Nursing in "Public"

She want to be like big brother and quickly grasped the joy of kid shopping cart rides in early 2010

One year old wearing a new outfit from her Brother Eric

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