Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tonight I pulled the plug... that is to say I told Cora we were done with Milkies.  There was something in the way we were talking as we played this evening that made me realize she was finally ready.  That does not mean it was easy.  At bedtime there was lots of crying and begging. In the end I walked around the room with her limp on my shoulder and assured her I was on her side and that more sleep, uninterrupted sleep was what she needed to make her stronger and brilliant.

As for my statistics, I'm 3 weeks shy of having lactated for 6 solid years. Cora is a month shy of her third birthday. Let's see 6 times twelve minus one month... 71 months.  Not too bad.

Now for the avalanche or bizarre emotions. Relief, sadness, grief, guilt, relief and fear of the challenges ahead.  She need a much more focused mommy approach, especially now.