Monday, October 22, 2007


Wow! Sooo much has happened. Sorry for the long delay. Many have encouraged me to keep this up and so I shall.G holding Tys hand. We stayed with Tyler and his mommas, bro and Dad as part of our big move. G had a wonderful time. While we were there we packed up and went to Emerald Isle and took some great five generation photos and vacationed with Gs brothers.

A lot has changed in G in the last month. He broke through 3 teeth during our move, he started saying "uh ooh!' all the time and then he had his first plane flight to Maryland. He was a dream passenger thanks to chewing on lots of raisins and nursing.

While in Maryland he perfected saying "mama" and tried out "dog" and "anna" for aunt Lindsey. When we got back home he started using sign language and now asks to "eat", "nurse" and for "more" in addition to "bye bye" and his own special sign for "music". We also visited with Aunt Jennifer, who sang with the Army Chorus of Germany. We almost suprised her... oh well.

G also had a few playdates with some of Mommas friends babies. Hi Sabina and Rebecca.... Hi Mel and Madeline!

He has now taken up an interest in walking the dogs and insisted several times that he be given the leash and he should hold them and take the dogs out, which isn't easy since he wants to hold the leash and walk upright going down the stairs. He has also tackled 8 ft tall slides and readily climbs up to them and goes down no problem, no fears.

This last weekend we took him to Tybee Island, "the" beach near Savannah where he enjoyed playing in the surf while holding daddy's pant leg. We all also visited the UU Church on Sunday and found a great park with some big slides right around the corner from the church. Boy oh Boy is the city a beautiful place - ya gotta come see us!

Picture of the beach trip soon comming.