Monday, September 27, 2010


The other day GMan asked me for a dog. I think my heart started to whimper. I thought about Christmas, I thought about CBird's age. I think we will wait a bit longer if he doesn't ask too often. It is something we want as a family but the cost is prohibitive right now unfortunately... and I'm cleaning up enough poo and pee right now. Maybe, Maybe if a rescue situation made the right older dog available at the right moment...

CBird has seven teeth, and has a terrible time falling asleep so we are making some extra efforts to create a sleeping routine for her. Her sleep has improved a lot with the use of a white noise machine, the Homedics clock/radio. Thunderstorm seems to be our favorite. (She sleeps with me.)

GMan just made his first own sandwich, all by himself... a Nutella treat. Home schooling is progressing despite losing our second copy of the preschool guide book. Presidents, Civil War, bean sprouts, Collage, separating and counting Coins, writing practice and primer math. Feeling very productive.

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