Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Swing of Things

 Texture lesson turned into Tooth fairy Pillow Making, and G sewing up a little pillow all by him self. C did her color choices and stuffing, and a wee bit of sewing herself.

 Sumoku is a challenging Quirkle type game with numbers and multipliers. Then add color limitations on each row.  Wee!
The Straws and Connectors Game has been a big hit with the kids and all their guests.  The kids and I have also done a soil nutrient test and learned our vegetable garden is alkaline and has NO nitrogen in it.  Crazy!
Also G and C have had a bit too much fun playing in a Sensory Rice set up I was given.  They subsequently discovered the power of a Kirby.

Lastly, I finally hung a swing in the Live Oak in our front yard.  Tyler was visiting when I got it up and the three of them had an absolutely ball.  I had to tweak the knots a bit but the online instructions were invaluable. The kids schooled me on the many uses of swings including dodging games and getting crazy dizzy.  Love it!
 How to hang a tree Swing

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