Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't Forget to Pack an Axe

Our Homeschool is 100 days plus in and I see so much to do at Gabriel Independent School.  I have full lesson plans but I want to keep our flexibility. Maybe the "Schedule" is too full.  Things haven't been so scheduled until recently. We'd lost some oomph during my recovery time and all our winter colds and such.
I see some real beauty in the relaxed way of doing things and yet I want to keep Him and Her marching forward at a nice clip.  We have made progress despite fluctuating schedules and illnesses.

G-man is reading a Magic Tree House novel to me, one page at a time.  Six chapters now, SIX.  He gets so into what he reads, he comments, comprehends and will even go back and reread after he has sorted the words out so that the characters have feeling and sentences flow like well thought out revelations.

 He is doing well in math too.  I keep thinking, drilldrilldrill.  The other day I told him we would move to multiplication and other difficult stuff after I felt like his foundation was as sure asthe base of an Egyptian pyramid.

 We have a wonderful tile game that works like Quirkle that is called Sumoku.  Rows and columns are no more than six colors long and you can only place tiles based on a multiplier, like 2, 3, 4 or 5.  Each row has to add up in multiples of the given number... points based on tiles placed plus those used.  He wants to get it and really pushes thorough to play a wonderful game, and we have only played it twice so far. It sure does tire out his mind.

C-bird is counting accurately to twelve and singing the alphabet. She loves eye spy, bed time book memorization, and the Spot-It game.  She is all about her scissors and crayons. She loves to carry around any number of baby dolls in bags, baskets and carts.  A few days ago she sat down and drew me a person, super cute, really good drawing I thought, with arms legs, nose mouth  and eyes.  She titled it something like "Man flying through a door".

I want to push us harder since my head has been clearing and I feel like I'm back.  Now all I need to do is breathe and let the plants I water soak it up in the sun a bit.  All the stuff I have heard about homeschool and unschool can be a bit conflicting, but I can say this.  They really want to learn... they really do. They put thoughts together in beautiful ways.  Sometimes the pencil and paper part is all about me hounding Him.  I still make G do it cause I think the "drilldrilldrill" is kind of important to reading/writing and math foundations.

G posted an interesting question at bed time tonight.  Why didn't Columbus just take a northerly route and pack a bunch of axes...(to sail over Russia) to chop up the ice along the way?

While there is some Minecraft-esque thinking it is thoughtful.  I told him the ships weren't big enough to carry all the food they would need to eat to fuel all the men it would take to chop up the ice.  Kinda like "how big is Santa's sleigh?"  Anyone know a website or radio show that would try and tackle this question?

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