Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing at Grandmother

Given our unique family tree I have the opportunity on occasion to play Grandma.  Of course all the Grand kids just call me Amanda, but I get to roast marshmallows and play video games until late at night with them. I get to say good night prayers and tuck in our little believers. Chester the dog gets to bed hog from all the boys

Maybe we have a special dinner, like a MINECRAFT dinner. That would be, before the XBox updates a dinner of Pork chops and Bread followed by Cookies and Milk.

  Now the possibilities include zombie flesh, spider eyes and steak! This last time we played we talked  all about fermented spider eyes and growing cane sugar and mooshroom soup... for Five hours. You might think this is a terrible indulgence and you would be both correct and wrong.  We talk a lot during game play, about a lot of things.  We set goals together, we conquer together, we scream together, we cooperate and we yell at each other together.  I call that Bonding, unique and very important bonding.

 Of course it depends on the grandson. With Tyler it is Lego Indiana Jones Marathon all the way.

  Maybe I get to watch my Son read bed time stories to his Nephew. Or my "Grandson" read to his Uncle.  All of these experiences are very cool.  Very very cool.

We have a drawer with extra big boy clothes deodorant and a tooth brush. We have extra younger boy underwear and t-shirts lying around.  All of these are signs that life here is as we had hoped.

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