Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Sweet Ginger is Gone

We had to put Ginger down today. She suffered a stroke back in March, and another much more severe one yesterday. She was unable to walk or see properly. Her prognosis wasn't very good at all so we let her go. She is already very missed as she was a very sweet soul who always laid down near Grady when he napped, as he is doing now. I haven't perfected how to help Grady with this change but he knows she was very sick and she is not comming home.


Chandi said...

I'm really sorry about Ginger, Amanda.

Amanda said...

thanks Chandi... it happened kind fast

Gardener Gary said...

So hey there, Ginger now has a whole herd of sheep somewhere all to herself; moreover, the sheep all cooperate for Ginger.