Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life With G

So filling you all in on the little things seems like a good idea.

G enjoyed trick or treating very much and really takes stock and ownership of the candy so we decided throwing it away wasn't really an option. I weaned out things like gobstoppers and gummies and re-gave those out. The rest Grady wants to see about 4 times a day and he gets to have one after lunch and one after dinner. Some days he has forgotten them but not so much today.

Naps are hit or miss but are mostly becoming a weaned event. We have a "head down" time on days he does seem to want to nap. That has become falling asleep in front of the TV watching "Polar Express" again. It is such a benign movie I'm totally ok with this (I think ;-).

G and his friend Noah are discovering wrestling (is that hard wired?).

Over all we are making progress, slowly, toward weaning. All in good time. G has also had a few days of near potty perfection. Considering the long road of EC that has been most exciting and encouraging.

A few nights ago G was yelling "I'm a MAN!". We are not sure where it come from but we had a big talk about genders. Now he will yell "I am a boy! Daddy is a MAN!". Mommy is a mommy.

Yesterday G wanted to do voting too. I put him up on my shoulders, but that wasn't enough. He wasn't happy when I told him he had to wait till he was 18. This morning we watched the news and I had him saying "that my pessident". Yea! Isn't it so cool that he will know a totally different political America.... it is just so awesome to consider.

I can't think of anything else just now...

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Mark and Mel said...

Madelyn kept saying on Tuesday "so cited to vote for Baack Obama" (she leaves out the 'r') She thinks she voted! (she was with me) and she was excited to stay up and watch Baack Obama on TV - but she fell asleep before the good part. Tuesday actually gives me hope for our children's future (as cheesy as that sounds....)