Monday, November 17, 2008

A and G

Grady and Ami photo session.

In other news Grady has been dealing with a cold on and off this last week. A stuffy nose is sending him into screaming snits. Apparently his stuffy nose is my fault. Anyway he is getting better... I think. He is making huge progress in the Potty training/ EC department. The sudden drop in laundry is noticeable. And now he is sooo proud to wear his Tomas the Tank Engine underwear. He prefers the pair with Percy and James on it too. Anywho... just watching tons of Tomas the train stuff here these days.


Gardener Gary said...

A prediction: Grady will become a most Popular kid in school. He will have a large 'black book' completely filled.

Jennifer said...

Or be a basketball player, look at those feet!! What a cute kid!

Amanda said...

Jennifer - that is why he was a hobbit