Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Story

Words Words Words...
So here is a little update. Two nights ago we had a wonderful time in the evening sitting on the couch with G and Ginger. It was so neat to see him leaning back in the cup of my arm, absentmindly petting Ginger and kinda watching TV. We went for the Camera but the picture just didn't come out.
Then Yesterday we got off to a crazy start. G started crying during his first diaper change of the day so Daddy Mark picked him up to console him before dashing off to work (he was already running late). I tried to slip a Cloth Diaper between them just in case but it must have slipped. G let it go - and Mark had to change his shirt before he could run out the door. Soon after G fell asleep. When he woke up a few hours later I put him into the living room to have some fun. I blinked (I swear) and G was in the Kitchen turning over the dogs water bowl. !!!
I should have been prepared then when, while I was on the phone in the afternoon G did another new trick. He crawled (I still mean worming, not a true crawl) over to the coffee table and sat himself up. 'Cool' I thought, but then he reached for the coffee table and stood himself up!

Wow - this growing up is happening so fast - he is barely six months old right?

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Mark and Mel said...

ha, ha, ha, That dumping the dog's water doesn't stop for awhile (not by 14 months anyway!) Look out, the fun is only beginning! I remember when I used to wish she could walk- now I'm saying "what was I thinking!" I miss the "slug" stage....