Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Travelling Times

During our visit to Maryland we caught up with a cool mamma, Rebecca and her daughter Sabina. Sabina loved climbing the stairs - and Grady watched since we don't have stairs in our house. That was Saturday.
On Sunday he went to them and started crawling up. Goes to show all we ever have to do is sleep on it! Saint Patrick's Day it seemed everything was green thanks to Grandma's new rugs.

I have been making our bread since I'm home all day. Now I have figured out how to include Grady in the process. There is a video of us making bread on Youtube too. You might also want to know that we are finally feeling some teeth in those gums! You can't really see them yet but they broke through the gums over the weekend, yea! Let's also celebrate his seven month birthday which happened this last Friday. Wow! And... and he is doing a true crawl.
We noticed last week he is pulling his knees up under him and doing a "real" crawl, no more worm.
I also want to thank everyone for clicking on the ads and checking them out. Maybe in another 12 months I'll get paid for blogging, hehehe :-)

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