Friday, July 24, 2015

Photos Get Trapped Sometimes.

 LOts of thing have gone on since the last posts.  Most importantly is new technology and our obsession with it.  We are working on not overdoing it.  IN the meantime many of our favorite photos have been trapped on devices.  Here are some that have been freed, through strange means.

Cora Road a Pony, the kids dressed for Easter Sunday.

We've had summer school and productive days...

 We also had a wonderful participating in the Blessing of the Fleet and road out from McClellanville.

Cora won her first Gold medal during a local board breaking tournament.

 Grady got a cute Butterbeer Mustasche
during a trip to Universal Studios.

 We all enjoyed our time in Florida with Lindsey.

We tried a Lemonade stand... which we keep meaning to do again.

 Cora has been leveling up in her belts and now has joined the big kid classes.

Dinner with family is always a great time.

Hello to all Our Friends

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