Sunday, September 28, 2014

TKD The Govenor's Cup

 Govenor's cup was an interesting experience we had this last weekend.  G man took home a gold metal for his poomse (forms) and a bronze medal for his sparring division.  He fought really really well and had better technique than the other child, I thought.  It was a great fight to see who ever you were rooting for.

That's the thing.  I feel guilty for rooting so loudly for our home town kids. All the kids need the support and encouragement of all the adults. One poor boy there fought without any coaching support and he lost badly. No body did anything wrong, just that we all pay to have coaches, and coaches protect you in the fight. They are there when you injure yourself, they fight for your points and safety and coach your fighting technique. This boy had no coach. I only saw the very end of his fight, and the way he held his injured hand.  My heart broke a little. These are just kids. His father sat next to him on the sidelines the rest of that division match set. Arms and legs around his son.

That just shouldn't have happened. Skill levels are all over the place and some of the scoring was too.  I think we all want to "help" and "protect" our kids. Especially when one takes a groin shot and picks himself back up and keeps fighting. It's hard to see scoring irregularities and keep your heart open. It might be that in the end I might be learning more than my son. The first lesson has to be that the score doesn't count. All these kids were gloriously brave for showing up!

My son handled him self beautifully and his poor bored sister struggled to keep her sanity. If she gets into sparring I'll be there to see her excellent training, techniques and roundhouse kicks too.  I never thought this would be my parenting road.

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