Sunday, June 17, 2012

The latest from Mommy's cell phone

There may be some duplicates here and certainly some of these photos have been posted to Facebook sometime along the way.

These probably date back six months at times.

This first picture was part of Grady and Cora learning about Native Americans, North America, Wigwams, TeePees and model building too.
Family day for us at Magnolia Plantation.
Dr Jimmy giving Cora an adjustment.
A long board rocker at Pickney's National Park.

(A Declaration of Independence signer)
Cora doing a small household chore.  Nice to give out manageable responsibilities.
Grady pulled an all nighter with a Lego build of the Millenum Flacon.
The famous tires swings at Ambrose farms.
The results of a HS field trip to Caw Caw interpretive center to learn all about Indigo in South Carolina. I believe the memory of the smell will outlast the shirts.
Invited over for a Tie Dye project. Big old beach towels.
Out at IOP I believe early spring/late winter.
"Totems Poles" HS Project

Family HS Field trip to Washington DC and the Native American Museum.
Palmetto County Park, Grady taught Cora to climb the Ropes... teaching her the ropes, he he.

Our favorite restaurant the Glass Onion and a shared Ice Tea.
This spring we made a "Children's Garden" in our back yard and got it off to a fine start.
Cypress Garden with good friends.
We made Ice Cream three kinds of ways with our Friday School HS group and taste tested the results.

One day we also caught up with Nate and his family at Mellow Mushroom.  The kids got right down to catching up with each other... it was lovely as usual.

We have been enjoying our State Parks Pass with many visits to Charles Towne Landing.

And Chester has had a few visits to the dog park at Wannamaker County Park.

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Love these pics and love this family!