Wednesday, June 06, 2012

April and May

The kids and I watched the garden grow and kept up with our Friday School Group.  It has grown to 18 children.

We had a great time catching a professional soccer game at The Battery and a River Dawgs game at the Joe. We've been to Maryland, and a Graduation (congrats again Jennifer).  Visited with old friends in Savannah and traveled to Hunting Island.  Grady had a special trip to Emerald with his daddy too!

Grady has begun to read, pre-readers and early readers.  He sounds things out beautifully.

Cora has worked really hard at counting and recently has gotten in her molars, the last 2 two year molars on the top.  She has also finished up potty training for the most part.  It is very refreshing. Of course we have spent a lot of time at home so...

the kids and I have kicked around the house a lot with the blocks,
new art easel, and
the reliable water table.

The garden began to produce carrot, onions (sort of) and cabbage.  By and by the Sunflowers started to bloom and bloom too.

Lately Cora has been giving me that last bite of most of her food... tonight I realized she was giving me what she had to give. Such a beautiful realization, so glad I saw it for what it is.

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