Friday, September 05, 2008

Storming Cinci

More of Our Trip
We spent one day down along the Cincinnati River front where there are parks and walking paths and scum warnings we didn't know about (thanks stranger lady person, we rinsed off the little like as soon as you filled us in).
Randomly Grady piped up from the back seat "mom, mom, nice hat". What a sense of humor! We shared the hat back in forth on the drive to the river front.
One of the Flying pigs of Cinci and Grady man.
This park was awesome for little tikes, along the River front and built under a an overpass. It had swings, and bells and climbing walls and sand play and slides and ladders and ropes and Grady was all over it. Best of all it was well shaded.
Unfortunately when you turn off the flash on our camera, it remembers that, even when you turn it off. Some of the next few picture didn't come out so well because we weren't aware the flash was off.
Here I am catching a ride across town on Mark's friend Jimmy's new road bike. It has a nice radio.
Cousin Judy in her Homecomming Dress.
We ate a lot of Graeters french pot, hand packed, saw it on Discovery Channel, only in Cinci ice cream.
Story time with Grandma Beverly, "Oh the Thinks You Can Think"

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