Friday, September 26, 2008

Sentient Bean

Thanks to Carmen for the Picture of Grady and Isa sharing a smoothie at Sentient Bean. Grady is growing so fast.

Grady and I went shoe shopping and he is wearing size 8 1/2! Once I had mentioned buying shoes just for him he was on me to "go buy shoes"(thanks Heather for the Gift card) all day. I had fun explaining how we buy shoes and measuring his feet. Target has a brilliant floor mat to help you get started. Grady paraded up and down testing out shoes and mastered walking with them still tied together. We bought the first pair he forgot he had on, and the socks I had to grab off the shelf for trying. All the socks at home are just so small now.

In the past we've had nights where he just couldn't fall asleep nursing and I would have to tell him no more. There would be fussing and eventually he'd flop on his belly and give the "just close you eyes a while" thing a try. Last night he refused to use milkies to fall asleep. Nursing is still a part of his life, but not for much longer. It has been just a few weeks since I told him we would only nurse for naps and bedtime. Now he is telling me he doesn't need it to fall asleep, a first. I am excited and sad, perhaps something only other weaning mothers could understand.

Also yesterday he refused his naps... something that has happened alot this week. Lets hope that isn't a permenant pattern just yet. If it is I'm moving up his bed time.

His canine teeth are comming in on top too now so I feel like he is finally finishing up his first basic set of teeth... though more molars could come in whenever.

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