Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh Bugs!

G has been to so many birthday parties this summer he now likes to sing "Happy Cake" to the tune of Happy Birthday. Thanks to Julie for this Picture! Our family camera is filling up, I'm still crazy about taking lots of photos but... well we've had some chaos and I can't find the thingy... you know the thingy. USB port stuff right?

G has had two more insane rounds of bug bites. First a series of mysterious misquito bites, 20+ that appeared over night over a two night span. I even got the pediatrician involved on that and we still aren't entirely sure what bug did all that biting. We're sure it wasn't fire ants, bed bugs or spiders, and we ultimately suspect a flying couple of no-see-ums or mosquitoes. Anyway they preferred G even though we all sleep in the same room.

Then a few days ago, would you believe he found ANOTHER fire ant nest. Poor boy! Eleven new bites on his foot and hand. And no one to blame because G and I were both on the look out for mounds and there was none were it happened. Boiling water works as well as any chemical and I feel relief at the sound of a kettle coming to a boil.

So our craziness is the unexpected remodel of a large portion of our house. Our office, once organized is disbanded. Our Dinning Room is now in our Living Room, and despite our best hopes we won't be able to complete this remodel until about a month from now. The good news is G has gotten a lot of supervised construction experience from us both as we work toward including him in all aspects of our lives as opposed to trying to hurry through this moment so we can play with him later. It hasn't slowed us down too bad, only we couldn't finish before our calendar filler up.



Jennifer said...

Oh man that poor kid! Well at least he is getting to eat lots of "Happy Cake". Maybe that's why the mysterious bug prefers the munch on Grady. And Grady's birthday Happy Cake is sure to be the yummiest if its made by you, and I am sure you have something wonderful planned. Wish I could be there to help celebrate the bid #2 on 8/16.
Miss you so much,

Amanda said...

thanks Jen!