Sunday, August 17, 2008

G Man turns Two!

Pictures from G's 2nd Birthday Party on August 16th.Birthday Balloons mark the spot.
Ta-ran and G in the small pool together.
Big boy! Happy Mommy! Getting the cake ready
Here is my "traditional" Sally Falon carrot cake for G. Last year (if you go look) the one was spelled with pecans. This year I used carrots for the two and trim. Next year I'm thinking raisins. Everybody fit in our kitchen for the Happy Cake song.

Baby Ty is walking, hurray!

And here is the impulse buy, the porch swing,
Lastly I wanna send a shout out to our dear friends Chloe and her momma Chandi, Happy birthday little girl. (She and G share a birthday.)

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Gardener Gary said...

Sooooo... you found the thingy? Glad you did! The party was a grand day. GrandDad wishes he was able to have been there to give Grady and Mom hugs and kisses. Work's a drag sometimes...