Monday, April 07, 2008

Hard Fall

Well - I'm not proud of this one...

On Saturday we went to Home Depot to scout out remodeling costs. I let Grady climb up on one of their step ladders. Up... Down. Then he wanted to go up again... I reluctantly let him and turned to speak to Mark. The next thing I know Grady was a strange little heap on the floor. He was deciding if he could get up, and whether or not to cry.

His head was fine, thank goodness. The crying started soon enough and we were all very distressed. After we had him calmed down mostly, and had wandered to the garden section the store played an anouncement for all the neglegent parents about how you should watch you child and strap them in the cart and never let them climb the ladders. BTW thanks management... that made me feel really, really stupid.

Anyway we went to Urgent Care and Grady had his first Xray. He sprained his ankle and likely bruised up the tissue between all his undeveloped ankle bones really bad. He is getting around crawling and he is a bit extra needy. I still think he is darned coordinated and athletic, a great climber and very brave... I just shouldn't have looked away. Thems the breaks.

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