Friday, March 28, 2008

Baby Get Money

Smile everybody... Sand pit or Volleyball court, all the kids play in it...
A Suprise last minute visit with Chloe and Chandi. Little Miss Chloe has GROWN. She is sooooo pretty, It was good to see them.
did I mention she has grown...
Easter Egg hunt at  Great Grandma Judy's house. I put coins, bills and about four pieces of candy into these eggs and told G the day before that we would be having a treasure hunt with them. He knew each one had a surprise in it. He swiftly picked them all up, hearing some of them rattle probably peeked his curiosity. No cute picking up and hiding them again, ohhh no. GMan wanted to March straight inside and open these suckers up.
Before I could catch them he dumped out his basket onto the coffee table and started prying them open. At some point he got tired of the contents flying everywhere and he "made" Mark open them all for him.
Mark just loved the chocolate soul-patch our kid got from eating a piece of candy. He ate two pieces and quickly forgot about them... with some deception on my part I guess.
As post script to other parents... He was a bit obsessed about his collection of money from the eggs. I put it all in a zip lock bag and one evening last week I brought it out and showed him for some distraction. BIG mistake. He wouldn't let me put it away. What to you do with a screaming toddler who is afraid you are going to take their money away... I didn't want to rob him if you will. I just wanted to put him to bed. Picture a full on fit, clutching his zip lock and screaming nooooooo mommy (don't take my money!)!
Bad night.
We got through it after 20 or 30 minutes... some hugs and Tylenol were involved.

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