Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birth Day Buddies!

Quick funny story...

I recently went to a mommy group where we all can bring our babies and share our birth stories. As I shared my story another woman said she remembered me. She had tried to deliver at the same birth center on the same evening but was transferred to the hospital. She finally delivered by forceps after five hours of pushing. Her little girl was born early in the morning on August 16th!
It was really cool to meet a little baby girl that shares G's birthday and the mother who also pursued a 'natural' birth that day.

She and I have spent some time visiting each other since the meeting and we discovered we share two more things in common.
Their living room is turqouis (just like ours!) and they recently got married.
How recently?
Why September 10th, 2005. (Spooky!) They almost had their ceremony on the beach but opted for a lakeside locally instead.
It is a weird world indeed!

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Jen said...

Hey my living room is turqouis too!