Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just want to let you know we have been having a blast with the little guy over the last few days. He just seems to be changing at lightening speed. In just thte last three days I have put 3 videos on YouTube, all of which are hilarious! Remember you can just click on YouTube akmoyer75 under Links on the right. Then when you are in YouTube search for akmoyer75. That should take you to all my videos.

G has also discovered the joys of petting Doggies. Yesterday I noticed he was eyeing Ginger so I called her over to him. I tricked her into sticking her neck out over his lap so we could pet her. She was wonderfully calm and I thought I saw G "petting" her neck. When she tried to pull away I realized he had her ear balled up in his fist. She never winced, barked or bit. I pried his little hand open and freed her up... then she hung around for more petting from us both..

Yesterday teething also started - I mean the crying and more crying kind of teething. What is amazing is his resilience. Later on, the same day, he was laughing and carrying on. Then he discovered splashing. Which brings me back to the videos. What you see in the spashing video is the first time G discovered really rambuncious play all on his own

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