Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

That much candy makes working together a breeze.
Finished house. Gingerbread man got
stuck on the roof putting up lights.

 Christmas Eve we finished up the Gingerbread house we started the day before and I am happy to say my first adventure in homemade ginger bread houses was very positive... not hard at all and tasted much better.

We had a family friends over and roasted marshmallows, watch movies and ate entirely too much candy.  Getting everyone to bed wasn't too hard though and luckily all the presents were wrapped and ready to go.
The Big Show.

Realizing how cool This gift is...

Really Cool ...
To which he said, "Really guys this is just too much..."
Help with a package...

Snowballs anytime.  Pretty safe in the house unless GMan pegs you... or the dog gets involved.

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