Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lunch Sometimes Happens

A crackers, cheese, nuts and fruit tray make good lunch around here.  All the other efforts seem to fail miserably. Corn Beef Sliders didn't go over very well (I liked 'em).
CBird has been learning her electronics handling   She is now wanting to work on her XBox controller... since she pretty much has the mouse thing down.

 C with her one of her Big Brothers! Squeeeeze.

GMan and Cbird went to Legare Farms Civil War reenactment day and got to hear "cannons" and dip candles and listen to a homemade Cookie-tin Banjo. Also the G has begun taking twice weekly Taekwondo classes, all his classmates are fellow homeschoolers.

CBird bobbed her hair (in case you did not know)

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