Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and the Last Two Months

My Zombie Pigman (Minecraft) and my beautiful Unicorn.  Another year of homemade costumes. They kept some candy for enjoyment but when we got home it was a big sorting and discussion for them, what to keep... what to give away.  Decisions, decisions.
 Grady sold a little over $3 to me.  When she saw that Cora stuffed her sell off pile. Cora sold about $7.50 worth of Candy to me at $.25 a piece.  When Grady saw that he got mad and then did a complete reassessment of his sell out.  In the end he sold me over $10.00 worth of candy.  Off to the Toy Store tomorrow for spending of this Halloween earnings. Rivers Reach neighborhood was good to them.

Schooling includes learning basic body parts.  They had a blast getting their bodies traced and labeling all the parts together.  Then they "needed clothes" drawn on. There has also been some painting going on.

 This young girl love her leotards, especially the one that flies out when she twirls.  She wears these to her Gymnastics classes.  Just ask her to show you her balance beam routine.

 She loves to be is Goofy pictures in any case.
Popsicle stick Puzzles.Easy fun.

Family picture time again.Always glad to get this shot.

Grady and Cora couldn't spot the frog right away can you.  Look at the Bark a moment.
As usual they also love playing on Daddies fancy phone. (Upper picture part of a discussion Grady and I had about proper distance to work from the page.)

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