Monday, November 07, 2011

Much of October

Much of October. Life in general has been same old same old, with some homeschooling, bike riding and costume making thrown in.... oh, and lots of whining.

Grady (and training wheels) with a new friend Bryan.

Here Cora gets a moment to shoot everyone with the Storm Trooper gun. You can see the grin from the back of her head.
I took the kids Crabbing for four hours one Friday. The guy next to us caught 13 crabs while we caught two, so it was a slow day. Surprisingly, they loved every bit of it, except when the wind blew really cold. I cooked up our catch Maryland style and melted some butter.... and they all looked at me like I was crazy. More salt next time, but they did come around and eat 'em.
We refurbished a bike for Grady, and though the bike may not have been worth the paint and tires, Grady was worth it... and the family learning time was worth it. It was the process... and this bike fits him better than his starter 10" bike.
A Friday School lesson for just us... Gak! Just mix food dye, cornstarch and water. Solid... Liquid... Solid...
While I worked on bills one day the kids reversed the legs on their table and chair just for kicks.
Cora full body hugging Chester on a perfect fall day. He was chewing a bone at the time, best dog ever!
Halloween Gingerbread houses. We went in on this together, the kids threw in their spending monies just cause it looked like a lot of fun.

Uh Oh!

Before we left we remembered to get a picture this year. Cora was a Flower, Grady a Storm Trooper. I was a Biker Chick, which fit cause I rode the kids around in the bike trailer.


Grady nearly did this all on his own. Awesome right?!

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