Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Installing our Garden..


Gary said...

Holy Cowabonga, Marge! With all that help you have created an overnight expectation of marvelous salads and seasoned Spaghetti. I suspect, but please tell us what's in the ground.

Amanda said...

okra, tomato, pumpkin, corn, sunflower, lettuces, cabbage, coliflore, beets, grapes, sweet potato... um maybe a few others. Having trouble getting seedlings up, little rain until 2 days ago.

Gary said...

Next year may I suggest you get a head start with some store bought plants. You can still get some seed to sprout early indoors but there is nothing that will beat the plant ready to go out into the sunshine you can find at the Nursery.

Forget the Corn.. wait until Fall to plant the cauliflower and try a slash of Brussel Sprouts at the same time as these are cool weather loving plants.

May I also suggest an Herb Garden of your favorites. There is nothing to compare with Fresh picked Herbs in your salad; Basil, Oregano, Dill and Mustard Leaves.