Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank You Party

Round Here...

A quick "mommy and Me" shot
So G-Man was drawing and letting CBird play with the markers with the caps on... and then he let her have one with no cap... uh oh! Totally washable, was off in one minute.

Angela took me up on a scone and tea offer! CBirdjust liked her right away, like she remembered her (my OB).

We had a little "Thank You" ceremony moment in the back yard since CBird was six months old now, just like we did when GMan was six months. Thank you placenta, your hard work is very appreciated!

Sorry for the Juxtaposition of pictures... but anyway these are those yummy scones. Anyone (with minimal advance notice) is invited over for tea and scones anytime.
First day of sunshine at the "Thank You" ceremony. CBird's body isn't too happy about grass apparently. Go figure.

An oddly calm quiet time/ moment. Nevermind the instrument banging, they were banging peacefully together. Really a lovely moment.

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