Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Came to Town

We took a bunch of great pictures at the Angle Oak on everyone elses camera. Can't wait to see those. The rest of these photos are from CBird's 11th week with us. We have recently noted that GMan grew over 1/2 an inch since the first week of September and now is too tall for me to mark his height on the wood learning tower. Time for a new venue.

Mark here is holding over 45 lbs of Kid!!! We still can't believe we have TWO!
CBird's feet hit the sand and she seemed to love it, squishing her toes in the new sensation and smiling.
So this is what Mark meant when he said he changed the camera settings. Everyone, note the date prominently displayed inthe lower right coner.
I have put my videos here - saves everyone the step of going to YouTube, which is a black whole at times. So here are my kids being darn cute, bless them!

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