Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boone Hall

Some Gabriels Go Pumpkin Picking.
Boonehall Pumpkin Patch is rotting because of all the rains but we managed to find a few pumpkins and alot of stinky rotting ones.

GMan "reading" his new coloring book, Ty and Ta-ran and Mark
trying out some tractors.

CBird all snug slept the whole time... in our lovely Moby Wrap.

GMan got his turn in the wrap too, we are practicing how to wrap 30lbs onto my back in a modified rucksack carry.
Above, my view when CBird sleeps in the Moby. Below one of many moments of my kids goofing with each other on the couch. Soon enough CBird just isn't going to sit still for this... she loves doing sit ups and can pull her self up to a near 45 degree angle with her stomach muscles. CBird lights up when GMan talks with her and entertains her, so the fascination and adoration seems to be mutual.
Sometimes being the older brother wears GMan out.

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