Friday, February 01, 2008

The Scorpion Story

I Killed a SCORPION in the playroom last night!!!!

Looked just like this:

I'll let you know what I learn. It was about 1 inch, maybe one and a half inches long... heebee, jeebees

"There seems to be some varied opinions about the potential danger of the Stripebacked Scorpion. Some claim it to be harmless, while others have reported it's sting as extremely painful and potentially dangerous"

What the heck is this thing doing in coastal Georgia!!!

althought it could have been this one:
A Bark Scorpion

this kind, however is supposed to be the only on in the state: Vaejovis carolinianus

1 comment:

Gardener Gary said...

Obviously the scorpion is on holiday from the deep snows west of Georgia