Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crash Bang Boom

G fell and banged his head on a chair and a hard floor while we were visiting in Charelston. We went to the ER and had him checked out, mostly because it looked like he had been unable to break his fall and had a bloody nose. I didn't like the cry either and since there was a trained paramedic standing there saying hospital we went. I'm relieved to know it wasn't very serious. Once he had napped for 20 mins on the way there, which scared me to death, he was his old self.
He still doesn't like strangers and you may be surprised to know a Dr. will work with you if you wanna nurse your child while they poke around, up noses, in ears...

A few days later his eye was healing nicely, sped along by some Arnica. It never became a true black-eye and remained open but swollen for a day.

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