Friday, December 14, 2007


Ahhh flossing...

G took an interest in our flossing around 6 mo and just a few weeks ago we started giving his own peice to him (he is nearly 16mo now). He is a great flossing mimic. He also has his own toothbrush, toddler style with a big chunky handle, and no toothpaste yet. He loves getting ready for bed and flossing with mommy and daddy.

He mostly gums the toothbrush but lets me do a quick one two on top then bottom. I feel really good about it for now.

He also has started signaling with his hands that he needs the potty by pointing to his underwear. Right now it is hit or miss... he signals just after he has wet and just before he needs to go. This morning he played in bed a bit then signaled he needed to go. Since he was dry I really moved fast... and we had a success. This is just a great developement and has me thinking that definately by 2 he will be fully trained.

He is reading/saying the word "Clock" now. He is also taking small electronics apart and seeing how they go together, like the flashlight, remote control(now broken) and computer mouse.

At the dinner table - no kidding - he will sometime ask for a napkin, put it in his lap, and at times reach for it to wipe his mouth and then tuck it back in his lap!!! Too cute! Then there are the many times he throws the napkin and the rest of his uneaten dinner on the floor for Bluew :-(

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