Friday, November 02, 2007

Cameras and Dragons

Major Camera Malfunction. I can't get the camera to acknowledge the picture card is inside it and properly formatted. I was letting G take pics and then.... boom. DEAD camera.

Here is it's last picture of G man.

Here is a picture of his Rocking Dragon! This is a gift from Grandpa Bob. Aparently it was at a yardsale and he picked it up for $1. I know alot of folks out there in SCA land would happily pay twenty or more for it.

I have some pics from visiting with Jennifer but so far I haven't figured out how to shrink their file sizes so blogger will accept them. If you are someone who knows how to do this please send me a brief email.

Also G can now say "dad", "dog", and "no" and "hi" and I recently taught him to sign "book" and "thank you". He is also working on how to say sorry when he bites us. He seems to regret the impulse.

For Halloween he was a snowman! He actually got a few pieces of candy because we paraded him around the apartment complex. I think he was the only trick or treater here! All the big kids went next door to the neighborhood.

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Gardener Gary said...

Regards the camera malfunction there are the obvious remedies such as fresh batteries, remove and reinsert memory stick/card. Beyond this I am certain there is somewhere within the camera setup menu the option to format or reformat. Here click 'OK', but realize such will wipe clean any and all pictures you may have in memory on the stick/card. Lastly, the stick/card may be fried but I don't think Grady did that except that the camera power was on and the stick/card was removed-reinserted while power was on. Finally I could suggest you go to the website of the camera maker to seek out support with a possible driver download to PC>Camera to repair a corrupt driver. There may well be a community forum available through this site offering help also.

As to the picture file size you could crop the pics to reduce the file data size or use 'Picassa2' Web Albums to load it all up for public or private viewing determined by you. You do know Picassa2 don't you, from the folks at Google. Really it is the only Picture/Video program anyone needs save the true professional See for the Picassa2. Lastly (again it's a Google thing) there is YouTube and a production you could make with the still pics and 'Windows Movie Maker' available for free at Microsoft.