Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I really shouldn't put off any longer telling you all how much G-Man LOVES the wild blackberries growing in our yard. At first he looked at me like I was crazy when I picked them and ate them, offered them to him and told him they were food. Then after about a week of that (this is over a month ago) he reached for one in my hand and popped it in his mouth! He has been insatiable ever since. I pick berries regularly and store them in the freezer to make jam some day soon, but this little guy won't let them stay in the bucket. No Kidding, he grunts and moans when they are really juicy and can't get enough. He's ever started putting more than one in his mouth at a time. And THIS is really where we are with solid food introduction. His diet it maybe 10% blackberries, 10% cheerios and 80% breast milk. It's been just wild. He does eat other things and now that the berries are running out he is trying other fruits more like blueberries, mangos, and cherries. He Also really likes the cucumbers from the garden and goat cheese.

Now what is really funny is I have found some Elderberry in our backyard and I've decided to pick and save those up for jam too. G reached for one of the umbels of berries and then - this is really cute - tipped his head back and tried to eat them right off it. It was very much like a Roman with a bunch of grapes to me. He likes elderberries too now!

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