Wednesday, June 06, 2007


G's personality continues to grow. He has been giving me lots and lots of kisses and hugs lately just for the heck of it. He is taking more and more steps, up to five in a row, and enjoyed showing off to his playmate C-Moon yesterday, who he also lathered up with kisses - maybe a few bites ;-)

He found a CD loose under our bed and after fishing it out I popped it in the stereo... would you believe it he likes The Cheiftans. Last week the French cafe music made him cry out and wrinkle his forehead, today the celtic stuff made him giggle.
Does it come with the name and the hair? Did mommy listen to it when she was prego? I honestly can't remember.

With a few n-used matchbox cars G has been crawling all over the house, especially with the "Porsche 9 11" as I think Mark calls it. He even seems to be attempting the engine sounds we make by doing the old "brrrr" with his lips. Very cute.

Also he has a peg and hole toy he is getting quite good at. Out of the blue he plopped the heart shaped peg into the heart shaped hole, and the the circular one too. Here is a picture of him working on the square peg.

And lastly he appears to be understanding laundry and trying to "help" by moving clothes from here to there. Also I've decided it's time for the "One Finger" touching rule... I'll let you all know how that goes (did I mention he has broken a bowl and a plate that were on the floor for the dogs, by picking them up and slamming them down :-0 ).

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Gardener Gary said...

Ah Ha! the Chieftains. It was a CD I gave to you when you moved away from MD. Glad it still finds favor. "Grady" (seems Irish to me)