Sunday, May 27, 2007

Boy Plays with Dog

About a week ago G was very upset at Bluew. He kept crawling up to him and Bluew would growl and walk away. G would just wail and fuss. Then he would stop crying and charge Bluew again. Bluew would move away, G would cry. It was clear he wanted Bluew's attention and that he was feeling some amount of frustration and rejection. It was hard to watch, Mark and I were both keenly aware that G wanted something specific. So when we saw This scene unfolding in front of us the other day we encouraged it and filmed it and photographed the heck out of it. Bluew may be realizing that not only is there food to be found dripping from this little boy but fun also.

They played a little bit of tug, and Bluew was appropriately gentle... it was very rewarding to see the old Bluew again too (which may be inspired by the hair cut).

There is, ofcourse, also a great video of this on my YouTube.

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