Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Blade of Grass

Boy-oh-boy do I have a story for you. About two minutes after I took this first picture here, Grady started coughing, swallowing and gagging. It was scary, he gasped for breath and started sneezing. I swept his mouth and listened to make sure he could breathe. His nose started running and he sneezed quite a bit more, than more gagging. And then... a blade of grass was sticking out of his nose! I pulled it the rest of the way out. Uck!

He hasn't had a chance to just sit in the grass in about four days. It seemed then that he had accidently swallowed something, probably grass we figured. We had picked him up and check his mouth and his swallowing stopped after a minute or so. We had no idea the offensive blade of grass had been residing in his sinuses for these past few days! Poor baby. It might explain his fussiness last night that wasn't really helped by teething tablets.

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Gardener Gary said...

Now Grady has learned? not to eat grass,(cause for celebration) rocks, sticks, leaves... look out!